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Makanati.net, a web platform created in the frame of the French agency for media development, (CFI), Makanati for women and media in Iraq and Yemen, in partnership with the French organization Aide Humanitaire et Journalisme (AHJ). Makanati.net is the result of three technical workshops that aimed at strengthening the professional and technical skills of journalism students and young professionals living in in Erbil, Duhok, Sulaimaniyah, Mosul and Baghdad. 


The platform offers the women journalists and essayists a safe place where they can freely express themselves on topics related to women, their role in society as a whole and in media in specific. 

Led by AHJ, an editorial committee has been established from different countries to assess the publications and ensure the quality and credibility of all information.

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Meet The Team

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Shayda Hessami

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Editor/ Kurdish Section

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Hana Ibrahim

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Webmasterer and content creater

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Sahar Moukaddem

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Webmasterer and content creater

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Ahmed Natiq

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Trainer/ Podcast production

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Mihraban Salih

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Webmasterer and content creater

Hanene Zbiss

Lina Shawaf

Niyaz Abdullah

Trainer/ Investigative Journalism

Editor/  Arabic Section